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  • Professional Flat Glass Equipments Manufacturer

    Horizontal drawing machine is a very important equipment developed by ZGIEC and is a widely Used in the whole set of assembly line working system of sheet glass forming, annealing conveyance, cold end cutting and glass plates handling. Based on Belgian horizontal drawing machine technology of Colburn process, ZGIEC has re-designed and reformed it by combining the domestic production and working conditions in one furnace three lines and one furnace four lines. It emphasizes on the functions of producing wide ribbon, ultra thin, high quality sheet glass and has the characteristics of high speed, stability and precision. It can produce 1mm glass stably and finished product rate can reach 80%.

    Main Technical Index:  

    1. Thickness of glass sheet: 0.7mm8mm

    2. Width of glass sheet: 1000mm4300mm

    3. Pulling speed: 50300 m/h